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[WGM] YongSeo Couple Filming Locations [Part 4]

wgm yongseo

Part 4 of the WGM YongSeo Filming Locations set! :) I am intending to do this by episodes so please look forward. :p

Warning: This post is image-heavy. Click on Read More to continue.

1. Kosa Mart

wgm yongseo

Kosa Mart
Donggyo-dong, Seoul

This is where Jonghyun, Minhyuk and Jungshin bought the gogumas on the meet-the-brothers-in-law episode. ^_^ It is located along the street next to F&C Academy and beside this mart is the famous Jass Cafe (YongSeo Cafe). So it is basically just a few steps away.

This is also where they bought the drinks... non carbonated drinks. :p

2. Itaewon Land

wgm yongseo
Itaewon Land photo (right) from
Itaewon Land Sauna
732-20 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Now this is sooooo difficult to find. ;__;

Anyway, this is where the CNBLUE boys bonded with Seohyun. I personally love this episode ^_^
The sauna was also used as a filming location for Secret Garden as shown in the banner on the entrance. ^_^

For more pictures and rates, visit this blog. (in Korean)


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