[Doctor Stranger/닥터 이방인] The Real Myeongwoo Hospital

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International St. Mary's Hospital
Simgoklo 100-gil, 25 Seo-gu, Incheon Metropolitan City
인천 서구 심곡로100번길 25

Three episodes and I'm getting hooked.
Putting Lee Jongsuk, Park Haejin and Kang Sora in one drama seems like a fatal thing to me.
I love all of them!!!

So yeah, I'll be ID-ing Doctor Stranger seriously now.
And we'll start with this hospital.

As said, it's the International St. Mary's Hospital in Incheon.
In the drama, it's named as the Myeongwoo Hospital where Haejin and Sora works.
It's quite a big facility considering that it has a housing facility for the residents (Maris Stella) and a mall with an indoor golf course (Wellbeing Mall) within its complex.
Amazing, right?
I knew all those because of their website. LOL. Visit it here. There's an English feature.

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