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[SJ Returns 3] Super Junior at Samdayeon Restaurant

When this Korean filming locations blog began in 2011, Super Junior was the primary reason. As time went by, my interests evolved and it eventually became a larger map for bigger travel plans which I ought to take when I finally visit South Korea.  Eight years after, Super Junior has returned for their 9th album and there's no other way for Manager Hyung to celebrate it but to return as well.  EPISODE 1 1. SAMDAYEON (삼다연 ) 7-20 Nonhyeondong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (서울 강남구 논현동 7-20) As usual for the members of Super Junior, they went to one of Heechul's favorite places in Gangnam, Samdayeon . This Super Junior Returns 3 filming location is a barbecue place which sells pork from Jeju Island and is quite a famous chain in the city. Heechul mentioned in the first episode that whenever he comes to this place, he always go home drunk. Apparently, the restaurant has an exclusive area, probably for artists. That's where SJ members ate their samgyupsal. :) T

New Journey to the West Season 6: Expensive Beef Ribs Restaurant

I'm watching Season 6 of New Journey to the West now and I realized that I should find this place where the pre-season gathering was held.  Dureuga (두레우가) 3F Seoseoul Nonghyeop 365 Auto Bank Building, World Cup-bokro, Mapo-gu (Sangam-dong) What got me interested on this Korean filming location is the fact that the beef was said to be so expensive that Soogeun actually insisted that Jiwon pay for it (because the younger is late). It was already funny during the first episode of the season, and I wonder how much hilarious things in the future would be. So basically, the restaurant is in the third floor of a building located on the block next to CJE&M Center in Digital Media City. And if you are curious as to how much Jiwon paid for, it's 45,000 to 75,000 Won per serving. Proof? you can visit this blog . IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.

New Journey to the West Season 2.5 Filming Locations (Korea)

I realized that I really need some Korean variety shows in my life and here's my most favorite so far: New Journey to the West. I know I'm so late on this one, but let me just take you back to almost three years ago until we get to the present so we can ID some of the New Journey to the West Filming Locations , which -let's admit- isn't too much (since the show is majorly filmed overseas). 1. English Level Test Venue 42 Dabang (Already Closed)   Address:  42-19 Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul So in 2016, Season 2.5 began with a meeting in Sangam-dong, near CJ E&M Building. Back then, the coffee shop is called 42 Dabang  and this Korean blog will show you how it used to look like. After a year, it was transformed into another kind of restaurant called Seusidai (2nd picture) and I don't think they're selling coffee anymore. I'm yet to figure out if it's still the same after another year. 42Dabang is already closed and is replaced

NCT Life in Seoul Filming Locations

Because I need some Korean variety shows in my life, I decided to give NCT Life in Seoul a try. While I'm not exactly a fan of the group, I've always liked the concept of teen KPOP stars appearing on shows like this. (Maybe, it's because Super Junior started this way too, for me.) So since the show mainly focuses on going around Seoul , I find it interesting to ID some filming locations, and filling up myself with some brand new information about the city which will surely come handy once I finally go on a  tour to Korea  this year. 1. SM Entertainment Communication Center Address: 648 Samsung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul When I last posted an entry here about SM Entertainment, I only knew of three buildings they own: Chungdam-dong, Apgujeong-dong, and the one in COEX Artium. Now, they even have the Communication Center in Samsung-ro.  So this is basically where everything started. The members split into two teams ( Kun/Jaehyun/Doyoung vs Winwin/Taeyo

Suits Filming Locations

I never really watched the American version but I can't let pass the first-time tandem of Park Hyungsik and Jang Donggun . And anybody who is yet to watch it, binge now! These two, playing the roles of senior and associate lawyers, are as badass as no one else. News didn't lie. The chemistry between these two amazing actors are, in fact,  amazing . At first, I thought it would just get boring because of the technicalities. I'm never a fan of hardcore Korean dramas . But compensation comes everytime Choi Kangseok (Jang Donggun) wins a case and Go Yeonwoo (Park Hyungsik) proves himself to his senior, because there's just too much satisfaction seeing them two trying to overpower one another's sass. But I think the most important factor why I got hooked is it doesn't give away everything. It makes you think. It makes you wonder how they're going to solve the case. It makes you question the society. At one point, it would even convince you to becom

What is Wrong with Secretary Kim Filming Locations [IMAGE HEAVY!]

I know I have promised to ID Korean drama filming locations of another Korean drama but I just can't help it with this one. Entitled What's Wrong with Secretary Kim, it is a story of Lee Yongjun ( Park Seojun ), the egoistical and very self-centered vice chairman of the Yunmyung Group, and his secretary, Kim Miso ( Park Minyoung ). So the vice chairman had been very, very dependent on his secretary so when she decided to resign, it took him by surprise and all hell breaks loose. LOL The drama casted KPOP idols Kim Yewon (Jewelry) and Hwang Chansung (2PM) too and I think they're doing good in their current field. <3 I can't help but laugh everytime I see Chansung on my screen. Watch the drama to know why. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The whole story was apparently based on a manga and it's a must to watch this one. It has a light story, and will definitely make you wonder at some points. So it got me hooked easily. And when I get hooked, the locations should b