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Suits Filming Locations

I never really watched the American version but I can't let pass the first-time tandem of Park Hyungsik and Jang Donggun. And anybody who is yet to watch it, binge now! These two, playing the roles of senior and associate lawyers, are as badass as no one else. News didn't lie. The chemistry between these two amazing actors are, in fact, amazing.

At first, I thought it would just get boring because of the technicalities. I'm never a fan of hardcore Korean dramas. But compensation comes everytime Choi Kangseok (Jang Donggun) wins a case and Go Yeonwoo (Park Hyungsik) proves himself to his senior, because there's just too much satisfaction seeing them two trying to overpower one another's sass.

But I think the most important factor why I got hooked is it doesn't give away everything. It makes you think. It makes you wonder how they're going to solve the case. It makes you question the society. At one point, it would even convince you to become a lawyer too, I swear. 

Or perhaps, I really just love watching intelligent people. :)

Anyhow, I'm ID-ing the Suits Filming Locations, and since it's Jang Donggun, I'm guessing most of these places are set around Seoul... So please give this post a lot of attention too!

And just a reminder... everything's gonna be image heavy okay? :)

The famous Kang & Ham is set on the luxurious Seoul Finance Center located in Jung-gu, Seoul. All the exterior and lobby scenes were filmed here and no regrets because the building really fits the eliteness of the law firm.

So basically, the Seoul Finance Center is a 30-floor office building built on 2011. It is located on the street just across the Gwanghwamun Square and is definitely close to a whole array of commercial and residential establishments in Seoul Korea. 

To get there, you can take the Purple line and get off the Gwanghwamun Station Exit 5. It's just on the next block away from where you would end up. Haha. You can also use the Blue line and get off the Sicheong Station Exit 4 but that would require a longer walk. :)

  • Address: 84 Taepyung-ro 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-768

Frankly speaking, this is the first time I got to see this kind of community in Seoul. I mean, other dramas with 'poor' characters has nice houses in narrow alleys. But this one looked more realistic to me so I felt compelled to find this location. It is in Jegi-ro, a street in Dongdaemun, Jegi District. The particular house is located in Road 9 (Jegi-ro 9-gil), facing what I think used to be a stream.

While I don't really think the place is 'tourist friendly', anyone who thinks they really want to visit the place - because admit it or not, the charm of the suburb is real - can use the Brown Line and get off the Goryeodae Station. Exits 5 and 6 are the closest, but will still require quite a long walk.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.

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