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[WGM] YongSeo Couple Filming Locations [Part 1]

wgm yongseo
Photo from iMBC
I am a Goguma fanatic. So I decided to compile the filming locations and I think it's quite accurate. :p Although I can't really provide you with the exact address of some sites, I have worked so hard to know where these places are. So please appreciate. 

Credit as well if you're taking out. I am not the only one who worked for this. 


WARNING: This post is image-heavy. Please click read more to continue.

1. First Meeting at MBC First Floor

wgm yongseo
credits: MBC photo from Wikipedia
MBC Headquarters
31 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

2. CNBLUE Practice Studio

wgm yongseo

F&C|Academy Studio A
Hoseong Building, 198-11 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul


3. First Meal (Ddeokbokki Ramen)

wgm yongseo

Mabokrim Halmeoni Maknae Adeulne
(Grandmother Ma Bok Rim's Youngest Son)
292-114 Sindangdong, Junggu, Seoul


4. YongSeo Couple Things (socks, cups, 2000-won Engagement Rings)

wgm yongseo

Morning Glory
Sindangdong, Junggu, Seoul

I think it's not difficult to find considering that the arc of the Ddeokbokki town is just a few steps away. You've got a good landmark, there. ^^

5. SNSD Dorm

wgm yongseo

Yeon Sei River Ville
102-7 Yeon Sei River Ville, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam, Seoul

I am not so certain about this coz I think SNSD had moved to another dorm already...or is this the new one already? I am not really that following them so I won't know. Nonetheless, yeah, this is the SNSD dorm shown in WGM. ^_^

Although I feel like it's an open secret already, I chose not to include the floor and room number. :p

NOTE: This blog post does not guarantee 100% accuracy. 


Jessica Aphrodite said...

can you tell me what app do you wear for searching snsd's dorm ? i wear google maps,but i can't find that address. plz i need ur help ! i will have vacation to korea in august. plz help me~

Angel said...

Hi! I use Naver Map and Daum. :)

Carlo Teodoro said...

is "102-7" the room number and the floor? :P

Manager Hyung said...

hi Carlo! No, it's not. :) It's like the block/lot number if I am not mistaken. :) I do not know the exact floor and room number of the dorm. :(

Carlo Teodoro said...

ohh.....I SEE.....thanks!

skstefanny said...

I think they already moved right?? or this one is the newest dorm??

Manager Hyung said...

Hi skstefanny!

I am not really sure if they moved or what because I'm not that updated with SNSD anymore. :(