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[WGM] YongSeo Couple Filming Locations [Part 3]

wgm yongseo
credits: iMBC

Part 3 of the WGM YongSeo Filming Locations set! :) I am intending to do this by episodes so please look forward. :p

Warning: This post is image-heavy. Click on Read More to continue.

1. Jass Cafe

wgm yongseo
JASS Cafe from BOICE CNBLUE SGFC via Sweet Potato Days
Jass Cafe
EDIT: Han Sol 3, Donggyo-dong, Seoul 

Behold, the famous YongSeo Cafe. ^_^
It is just a few steps away F&C|Academy.
For directions and pictures, please click this link.
For more pictures and a Korean review, visit this one. 

2. Nakwon Musical Instruments Arcade

wgm yongseo

Nakwon Musical Instruments Arcade (낙원악기상가)
284-6 Nakwon-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul |

For more pictures, please visit this link
If I'm not mistaken, the store with on the glass wall is the first store YongSeo visited. :) The one with the Hot Pink guitar. So it follows that it might be where Yong bought the guitar in the end. :)

You can also visit this one.

3. Miss Lee Cafe

wgm yongseo

Miss Lee's Cafe
2nd Flr., 144 Gwanhun-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul

After buying the guitar, YongSeo went here for some snacks. Yonghwa got a Jujube Latte and hated it. LOL This is where they hang a note~ 
It is in Insa-dong, a street famous for its cultural stores. :) It is where the "Seohyun-statue" (woman reading a book) is. XD

For more pictures, click here.

4. YongSeo House

wgm yongseo

YongSeo House
Sangdo 4, Dongjak-gu, Seoul

It is difficult to find the exact address. LOL. Plus, this is a private property so I guess it's just right to not delve into it anymore. LOL. But this is a must visit. :p

NOTE: This blog post does not guarantee 100% accuracy. 


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm also a goguma. I visited your site before when I was searching for the 49 Days and You're Beautiful filming locations. And I'm very glad that you added the YongSeo filming locations here. I'm going to Korea this April and I already included Miss Lee Cafe, Jass Cafe and Sindang-dong in our itinerary. Thank you for posting the location of the store were they bought their couple stuffs. I think I read from another site that the Kyobo bookstore they went was in Gangnam, but since you said that its in Gwanghwamun then we might include it in our itinerary :) I have a question regarding the YongSeo house, would you know if fans can go there and take a picture outside? I forgot to mention that it was also in our itinerary.
I'll be waiting for the rest of your posts, I may need to revise our itinerary for the love of YongSeo :) Thanks for your wonderful posts :)

Angel said...

Hi ancru!

First, thanks for dropping by this blog. :) and disclaimer, i can't claim full accuracy with my posts, as I've said...

Anyway, as for the Kyobo Bookstore, I actually am not sure if it's in Gangnam or Gwanghwamun but I saw the pictures of the one in Gangnam and it appears like the ceiling is different, compared to the one in Gwanghwamun~ :) So i assumed that it's in Gwanghwamun. XD

About the yongseo house, I actually have no idea if you can take pictures, but maybe it would be okay? as long as you wouldn't disturb the residents? :) it's a residential community, I believe. XD

thanks again for the visit!