So everyone had watched Kill Me Heal Me ' s Episode 16? Cha Dohyun ( Ji Sung ) and Oh Rijin ( Hwang Jungeum ) went to a trip and if ...

[Kill Me Heal Me] The "Kill Me, Heal Me" Dating Experience

So everyone had watched Kill Me Heal Me's Episode 16?
Cha Dohyun (Ji Sung) and Oh Rijin (Hwang Jungeum) went to a trip and if you ask me, it's a very romantic one. Except when it came to an end. Sigh.

It's a beautiful experience, right?
For most couples in Korea, this is how a date should be during autumn and winter seasons: a long train trip with their loved ones, going to a gorgeous province, visiting the beach. 

And that is what our Dohyun and Rijin couple did.
The destination: Gangwon Province. :)

Want to do the same?
Here's a guide:


second photo from here
To do your date this Kill Me Heal Me-way, you have to ride the KORAIL train to Gangwon-do.
Actually, it's the same train Yongseo took to the same province to see the sunrise; only, our couple used the last coach which is practically more interesting although less comfortable. ^^

There, you can hang your love notes.
Like what we usually do with our love locks.

For more pictures of the train, you can visit this blog.
From Seoul, you can use the Cheongnyangri Station to access this train.

Yeoryang-ri, Yeoryang-myeon, Jeongson-gun, Gangwon-do
(강원 정선군 여량면 여량리)

second photo from here
When I saw this scene, I told myself that there is no way I would not find this Korean drama filming location. It's just definitely gorgeous. That moon set in the bridge, with the glorious mountain scenery on the background is just one of the most enthralling places I've ever seen. It speaks to me, mandating me that even once in my life, I should visit this place called Jeongseon Auraji.

For more pictures, visit this blog.

745 Nochusan-ro, Yeoryang-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do
(강원 정선군 여량면 노추산로 745)

second photo from here
The main attraction of the date would be the rail bike.
From the starting point in Nochusan-ro, you're gonna ride a mini-cart and then paddle your way to the end of the track. You're gonna pass through tunnels, and pass by rivers, mountains and even fields.
This is in my bucket list. I'm gonna travel to Korea for this.
I'm gonna enjoy as much as Cha Dohyun and Oh Rijin in the Korean drama.

For more pictures, you can visit this blog.

38 Bukpyeong-8gil, Bukpyeong-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do
(강원 정선군 북평면 북평8길 38)

second photo from here
This is basically where you'll end up after the rail bike experience.
It's an old yet charming train station in Najeon.
It gives off that peaceful vibe, with all the trees and mountain views, right?

For more pictures, you can visit this blog.

Aninjin-ri, Gangdeungmyeon, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
(강원 강릉시 강동면 안인진리 )

second photo from here

second photo from here
A trip to Gangwon-do will never be complete without a stroll in the beach.
As I've said earlier, Koreans especially prefer the beach during winter season for dates.
They usually play around, chasing and getting chased by the waves.
It's a cute experience I want to do.
But I'm afraid I'm gonna have to do it alone and people will think I'm crazy. LOL

Now, this beach is quite far from Najeon Station but the distance's manageable.
I think you're gonna have to ride a bus? And then walk a little?
I'm not sure.
But one thing is sure, visiting is definitely worth it.

Of course, I won't be able to sleep without finding this restaurant.
Well, easy, because it's just in front of the beach. Hahaha.
You see the benches in the right side? Find the one where there's #29 written on its legs and that's exactly where Oh Rion (Park Seojun) and Oh Rijin sat after the break-up. ^^

This is basically the dating route of Cha Dohyun and Oh Rijin!
I know I'm not going to Korea with a boyfriend but I'll make sure that if fate approves, I'll visit these places even alone. ^^ 

Gangwon Province is really one of the most beautiful places in South Korea.
It's a tourist magnet, with all the beautiful nature sights.
Although I still love Gyeonggi (and its accessibility), this province is surely coming close. Hehe.

I hope I am of help to you guys.
I'll be editing this post to give you the directions on how to get to those places but I will take my time, okay? It's difficult finding it all. ♥

Please share this okay!? :D

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this.....daebak!
I have been wanting to find out where to get the rail bike.
Do you know how long it take from seoul go Gangwon Province & the ticket price? For the rail bike, where do we get the tickets & how much is the cost? Thanks alot.

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