Part 5 of the WGM YongSeo  Filming   Locations  set! :) I am intending to do this by episodes so please look forward. :p STRICTLY...

[WGM] YongSeo Couple Filming Locations [Part 5]

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Part 5 of the WGM YongSeo Filming Locations set! :) I am intending to do this by episodes so please look forward. :p

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1. Blood Bank (YongSeo's 22nd Day Celebration)

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Hongdae Blood Bank
6F Daehwa Building, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

2. Avatar Movie Date

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Lotte Cinema
8th floor Lotte Shopping Center, 618-496 Yeongdeungpo-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

wgm yongseo

The Bobo Studio is also at the 8th Floor of Lotte Shopping Center, just near the Cinemas

3. YongSeo Joint Bank Account

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IBK Bank
God knows how difficult it is for me, finding where exactly this branch is. IBK Bank has like almost a hundred branch across Seoul alone. If it's in Yeongdeungpo, near the cinema; or near Sangdo-dong, I really don't have any idea. But I have a feeling that it's the main branch. Thing is, I forgot where it was.

I will get back to this as soon as I can.

4. Cheongnyangni Station
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Cheongnyangni Station
214 Wangsal-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

This is where the couple met late at night to go to Jeongdongjin. It's their first and last trip as a would-be-married couple.

5. Jeongdongjin Station
wgm yongseo

Jeongdongjin Station
303 Jeongdongjin, Kangdong-myeon, Kangreung-si, Kangwon

6. Scarf Scene!
wgm yongseo

In front of this establishment, Yonghwa asked Seohyun to remove his scarf so she can wear it. But because Seohyun wouldn't do it, he ended up removing it himself and putting it on Seohyun. :p
It's just a few steps away from the station. 

7. Sun Cafe
wgm yongseo

Sun Cafe
328-3 Jeongdongjin, Kangdongmyeong, Kangreung-si, Kangwon-do

Believe me, this is just a few steps away from the station so I don't get it why they had to walk around finding a cafe, only to end up here. LOL. But of course, that's just part of the script. :p

This cafe is pretty interesting because apparently, there is still a memory of our YongSeo couple there. ^^

I got the picture above here. Click it for more pictures.

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