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[Doctors] The Hospital

Gacheon University Gil Hospital 
21 774 Beon-gil, Namdongdae-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon
(인천 남동구 남동대로774번길 21)

It has been so long!

So after my fucking long hiatus, here goes the first post: the hospital where most of the scenes for the medical Korean drama DOCTORS were filmed.

Yep! This is where Park Shinhye (Hye Jung) and Kim Raewon (Ji Hong) met again as doctors, this time, and where most of their story unfolded. It is the hospital whose chairman is the adoptive father of Ji Hong.

Obviously, it has been so long since I put something on this blog so finding its location was quite a challenge again. It really felt like I went back to step one, so bear with me if I'm not going to be able to give a detailed direction on how to get there.

Nevertheless, let me try.


This primary Doctors Filming Location is located a block away from the Incheon Metropolitan City Hall. So basically, it's in center of the city and is probably easy to get to. 

I don't urge everyone to trust my directions but if you're willing to take the risk, know that this Korean hospital may be reached via train through the Arts Center Station in Incheon Line 1 (Light Blue Line).
If you're Seoul, you need to ride the Line 1 Subway (Dark Blue Line) from any Seoul subway station like Seoul, Namyeong, Yongsan and Yeongdeungpo Stations.
This subway line will intersect the Incheon Line 1 through Bupyeong Station so that's when you'll have to get off the train and switch lines to get to the Arts Center Station.

Actually, getting off the Incheon Metropolitan City Hall Station will bring you to the Korean drama filming location but I honestly think that getting off the first suggested stop will require you lesser time in walking. Unless, of course, you wish to rent a taxi. 

Anyway, get out of Arts Center Station through EXIT 2 and then I hope these images will help you get to the famous hospital.

1. So after getting out of the station through Exit 2, you have to walk towards the direction you're facing. So that's, uh.. east? LOL

2. Cross the first intersection and please be cautious because you're gonna cross a six-lane highway. But there's a pedestrian crossing and if you know how to follow traffic signs, you wouldn't get hurt. LOL

3. On the second intersection, DO NOT CROSS THE STREET YET. Just turn left and there's going to be a much narrower road for you to cross. Safer.

4. Cross the street using the help of a pedestrian crossing. When you do, you're finally just a few steps away from the hospital!

That small street in front of the pedestrian crossing leads to the hospital which picture appears on top of this post. :)

So let me make this clear.
This post is not 100% accurate.
But based on some friends who consulted this blog in the past, it seems pretty helpful.
So yeah, follow at your own risk.

Good luck! :)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.

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