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[She Was Pretty] It Was a Pretty Place They Chose for their Reunion. Too Bad, She Had to Hide from Him.

second photo from sihoon_bb

Daejeon Municipal Art Gallery
155 Dunsandae-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon
대전 서구 둔산대로 155

In the first episode of the Korean drama She Was Pretty, Kim Hyejin (Hwang Jungeum) decided to meet her first love, Ji Sungjoon (Park Seojun) only to realize that how she looks like is already far different from how beautiful she was back when they were in middle school. She then decided to hide in the dark and let her friend pretend to be her, just so the love of her life wouldn't get disappointed.

This heartbreaking scene happened in the Daejeon Municipal Art Gallery. This Korean drama filming location is a huge and beautifully designed art institution in the province, dedicated to providing its people with moving art pieces.

From the blogs I've visited, this apparently houses realistic sculptures of people, showing emotions that would touch your souls even in pictures.

As for the Korean drama, there are two reasons why this appeal to me so much.
First, it's the fact that Hwang Jungeum and Park Seojun are the main characters. Although there's Choi Siwon of Super Junior alongside, it is the two which convinced me to actually watch.
I guess my frustration over their brother-sister relationship and PSJ's one-sided love for his 'twin' in Kill Me, Heal Me will be wiped away by this story.

Second, the drama appeals to me on a personal level because I'm that insecure of my looks. LOL.
Nah, seriously. I've been battling depression during the past few months because of how I look like and how I look so different from how I was before. The fact that I could not bring back the 'pretty' me depresses me so much. >.< And hopefully, this drama will convince me that it's okay to be like this...

Enough of the drama!

As I'm still so busy with real life and work, I'll just try to post something every week. No promises.
But I'll try. She Was Pretty is too good not to be watched, and as I do, I really hope I can give you the filming locations for your next trip to Seoul.

Let's all pray for Seoul, guys.
I think there's some serious news blocking going on there right now that I had to thank Twitter for being so informative.
The world is getting too much of a war zone these days.
Bombings, terrorism...
I hope human rights violation and dictatorship will not be added to the list.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.

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Ri Hyo Asuka said...

Hye.. thank you for keep posting about k-drama filming location! i really enjoy reading your posting and be thankful for those precious information.. i going to south korea soon and i will definitely check out this place.. actually i would like to make a request, could you write about currently aired k-drama Lucky Romance? i have found Nolsoop Cafe but not matter how i search i can't find Shim Bo Nui (lead girl) house.. could you help me out? please.. for your information, i going to Korea on October 2016.. anyways, thanks for hard work and please consider my request.. thanks ^^