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[Cheer Up!] Sevit High School

Yangji High School
518 Galmae-ro, Sejong Teukbyeoljachi-si
(세종특별자치시 갈매로 518)

Cheer Up (발칙하게 고고) is a high school life-centered Korean drama which deals with the inequality and pressure each student in Korean high schools go through. While it is not a secret that these things really happen, I still find it extremely unbelievable that people could be so demanding, even when they're parents... especially when they're parents. 

This production features Jung Eunji of APink, Cha Hakyeon of VIXX, and Ji Soo. There's also Lee Won Geun and Cha Soobin. :)

Anyway, the first Korean drama filming location under this category should be the Sevit High School, the setting of almost 90% of the scenes there. In reality, it is actually the Yangji High School in Sejong City. It's honestly the first time I've heard about this school and this place, and it was amazing that the school is located in quite an isolated place, surrounded by the mountains, although with apartment complexes nearby.

The school doesn't look anything special to me, actually. But it does have a nice interiors. I especially love the dormitory and the stairs. :p 

I just want to apologize for taking much time in hiatus.
My internet went down for a few months and I couldn't even upload a picture on Facebook.
Moreover, lately, blogging life had been very unappealing to me.
Perhaps, it's my real work that's taking its toll on me.
But now, I'm restarting my life.
I'm learning again.
And I promise not to lose touch on this paradise again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.

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