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[Who Are You School 2015] Where The Almost Goodbye Happened & How to Get There

second photo from wise5822@blogger

Central Park
Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon
(인천 연수구 송도동)

One of the scenes that got me hooked in the Korean drama Who Are You School 2015 is that one when Lee Eunbi (Kim Sohyun) finally regained her memory and realized that she is Go Eunbyeol, not . I was practically moved by that part when she and Yi An (Nam Joohyuk) bade goodbye to each other after school. They separated on a bridge which is a pretty good choice as it definitely symbolizes parting ways. Plus, this filming location is just a couple of blocks away from the school.

But aside from the scene, it was the actual location which enthralled me. The bridge is actually one of the iconic attractions in Central Park in Incheon. It is like a vast complex of buildings traversed by the river. It features facilities for families and friends to bond with. This includes boating as seen in the photo above.

Central Park is basically a perfect mix of everything. On one side, there's these beautiful skyscrapers, on the other are charming traditional Korean buildings, surrounded by lawns of green grasses and trees. People come there for picnics, photoshoots, and whatnots. Even the kids love the place.

When I first found the place, I instantly remembered Central Park in New York. It was similar although I think the one in the US is much bigger. Just that I think I'll really prefer the one in Korea. For more pictures, you can visit this blog.


First of all, it is important to note that the only subway line that reaches the Central Park is the Incheon 1 Line (인천1호선). It is that light blue line that traverses between Gyeyang and Incheon Business District. Before the last terminal is the Central Park Station, which is your destination when going to this filming site.

Second, I'm not too sure about this but in my understanding, the only line that connects Seoul to this Incheon 1 Line is Line 7 (서울7호선). It's the forest green colored-line which passes through Gangnam District, so it's basically easy to locate. If you're staying in a hotel in Seoul which is near the Line 7 stations, then going to Central Park is a breeze. If you're not, you can drop me a comment and we can figure out together how to get there from your place.

So for example, you're coming from Nonhyeon Station (near Sinsa-dong), all you have to do is ride the subway train and get yourself to Bupyeong-gu Office Station (부평구청역). Then you'll have to switch lines to Incheon 1 Line (인천1호선) and that will get you to the Central Park Station (센트럴파크역). 

Quite easy, right?
I'm not assuring you 100% with these directions, okay?
So follow at your own risk.
But rest assured that I have the latest maps to support my claims. LOL.
Enjoy! :)

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Novisantri Dwistika said...

How about the garden where taekwang and eunbi meet in ep 14? After he kissed her cheek the nighy before it?