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EXO Love Me Right Jacket Photoshoot Location

As EXO has finally come back (albeit 9 members), slaying all others with its title track, Love Me Right, I couldn't help but feel extremely elated. They're up to some of the biggest names in the KPOP history but I think they're gonna make it. Love Me Right has this intriguing, addicting and impressive appeal that draws listeners to it. So I'm betting that it's really gonna be at par with all else in the music scene today.

Now, as the album came out, photos naturally were scanned and uploaded on the internet.
I have found some from FY-EXO. Some of the scans are from BabyLove and OLIV.
And while I'm very much in love with the quality of the shoot, I think I was more interested on the fact that it was shot in Yongma Land.

118 Mangu-ro 70-gil, Jungrang-gu, Seoul 
(서울 중랑구 망우로70길 118)

To those who don't know, Yongma Land is actually an abandoned amusement park in Seoul.
'Abandoned' may sound like a little creepy but although the rides are dilapidated, the place retained an interesting charm that still draws people to it. Often used as venues for Korean music videos, dramas and photoshoots, Yongma Land is a private property which is semi-open to the public. By semi-open I meant you can't just enter the place. You have to call 010 9671 6104 and probably ask for a schedule.

This place is not exactly new to EXO, or at least to Xiumin. Remember EXO 90:2014? The eldest among the members filmed a music video that rendered my heart speechless as fuck.

But as I've always wanted these boys to be special (LOL), let's go figure out where actually each photo was shot. ^^

I'm sorry.
I really couldn't find Yixing's location. :(
But I'm certain it's just inside Yongma Land!!!

Oh I've got two bonuses:


If you've seen all the photos, you'll easily know what these items are.hahaha :)

I'm gonna try to figure out first how to actually get to Yongma Land so for the mean time, enjoy this post! :)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.

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Anonymous said...

hello ! do you know exo's current dorm adress ? i think it's around apgujeong but dont know where. If you know it could u please make a post ? thanks