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Kang Sora at Gentle Monster Showroom

Photos from Kang Sora's Instagram | LeeUnCeramic

Gentle Monster
520-9 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul-si
서울시 강남구 신사동 520-9

To say I was stunned by the instagram update of Kang Sora is probably an understatement.
Forget the fact that I adore her. Focus on the truth that I was mesmerized by that old piano's charm which complements perfectly the grungy effect of the walls behind it. There's so much drama in that place and I just couldn't help but try to find it.

And I did. LOL. The name of the shop was there: GENTLE MONSTER.

The Gentle Monster is actually an eyewear shop. If you're familiar with Y Style of Super Junior Yesung, then you're getting the grasp of what Gentle Monster is.
Based on what I saw, its designs are quite different. The prints, the shapes and shades of the lenses catch the attention of the buyers, making it a good ally in creating a fashion statement.

Located at the famous Garosugil area, it is not a surprise why Kang Sora was in this store.
The shopping street is well-known for being the place to be for Korean celebrities, and it's often used as a filming location of Korean variety shows. Among which are EXO Showtime, B2ST Showtime, and Jessica and Krystal's On Style.

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Anonymous said...

Can you do a filming location for the return of superman, daehan minguk manse?