[Kill Me Heal Me/킬미힐미] When Everything Came Back to Oh Rijin, She Was Here

875 Kwonyul-lo, Baekseog-eup, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
(경기도 양주시 백석읍, 권율로 875)

One of the most important parts of the Korean drama Kill Me Heal Me is when Oh Rijin (Hwang Jungeum) finally recalled everything after she saw the door to the basement in the Chairman's house. When she broke down, Cha Dohyun (Ji Sung) was there and he ran to her immediately but wasn't able to touch her, because he too remembered the past and was blaming himself for the lady's sufferings then.

So that was filmed in Dangung, a gorgeous palace complex perched on a hillside in Gyeonggi. It offers a gorgeous view of the mountain and is a perfect site for those going on healing camps. If you ask me, it's like a mix of traditional and modern architecture, which makes it totally wonderful. The nature provides this serene atmosphere which will make you feel relaxed and invigorated.

Now, if you recall, the next scene featured Oh Rijin with her 'twin brother' Oh Rion (Park Seojun) in a cafe. Here, Rion knew that everything came back and the girl asked him not to follow her. 

The restaurant is actually within Dangung too. And it basically gives you the preview of why I said it's a mix of traditional and modern, right? :) And that is the very reason why I am putting this location in my to-visit list when I get to travel to Korea.

Apparently, this is the place where scenes in the Chairman's home were shot.

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