[Dream Knight] GOT7's School

Incheon University - Seongdo Campus
119 Academy-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon
(인천 연수구 아카데미로 119)

Reading about random KPOP news, I came across this web drama featuring GOT7 and Miss A's Min. It is about a female student who lost her mother at a young age, living alone, fangirling over a top idol group. She's being bullied at school because of her being on top of the class always. 

To her rescue came four handsome boys who always save her from harm. Little does she know that these boys, who she believes to be the son of her mother's friend and his friends, actually has super powers.

So as they're students, their school is a primary filming location, right?
And they filmed the school scenes at the Incheon University - Seongdo Campus.
Like many other Korean universities, it occupies a large space of land area and features numerous academic buildings. Green spaces dominate almost half of the total area and I guess that's what makes the whole place conducive for studying. ^^

For more pictures, you can visit this site.

You think this is familiar? If you watched YOU WHO CAME FROM THE STARS, it should be.
It's the school where Do Min Joon teaches.
It is where the museum is.

Going back to the Korean web drama...
Each episode consists of like 12-15 minutes, but believe me, most scenes got me laughing so hard.
GOT7 members' acting may be a little bit off at times but then they're excused because they're actually beginners on this, I suppose? :)

Jackson was fun to watch especially with Gookju on one scene.
I wonder if Youngji will do a cameo role here too.
You wish the same, right? :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.