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[Pinocchio] Dal Po and In Ha at Saenuri Children's Park

Saenuri Children's Park
1619 Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
(서울 마포구 상암동 1619)

After Choi Dal Po (Lee Jongsuk) and Choi In Ha (Park Shinhye) spent the night together in his house, the two were walking the next morning in the Saenuri Children's Park.

Pinocchio is now in its 16th episode and as the story's obviously beginning to reach its climax, the end is probably nearing. I honestly don't know if I'm ready to let go of this Korean drama because it's really fun finding its locations.

But I guess everything has to end.
I'm thinking of doing Misaeng anyway.

Anyway, as observed, open spaces like this had been a favorite filming locations.
I've watched a lot of Korean dramas online and noticed that scenes in playgrounds and open spaces can actually rival the number of those shot in airports. Hehe.
While I may sound like I'm putting a whole lot of deal on something so ordinary, I just can't help but feel how much these production teams are so into promoting the typical communities in South Korea.
As you see, I've always believed that these locations contribute much to the tourism boost of the country... and LOL I'm blabbing.

Anyway, those who wish to visit the area, I'm giving you the directions. I do not assure 100% accuracy so it's up to you to take the risk. :)


1. Find your way to the Digital Media City Station (Brown Line) and use Exit 2. 
A/N: There is a Digital Media City Station in the Airport Line and that could be used as well but I'm giving you the directions from the Brown Line.

2. Head towards the direction you're facing (going South) and then cross the street when you see a street to your right. The corner's just after the nearby bus stop.

3. Walk past a block and you're gonna see the Saenuri Children's Park. There are several pedestrian crossings there so getting to the place is easy.

Questions? You can drop me a comment. :)

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