[Misaeng/미생] ONE INTERNATIONAL Building

Seoul Square
416 Hangangdae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
(서울 중구 한강대로 416)

Maybe it's because I'm looking for something else to watch, or maybe it's the positive reviews, or maybe it's Kang Haneul, or perhaps Kang Sora? I don't exactly know why I decided to watch Misaeng. But one thing is definite: I am enjoying it.

Misaeng is a Korean drama about the typical office workers in Seoul. It depicts their struggles, the challenges they face. The story, if we're gonna look at it deeply, basically gives reasons to all the situations faced by the ordinary working class. As a person who is currently unemployed, it does give me inspiration and hope that someday, things will work out for me and I'll be able to prove myself to this very judgmental society.

Yikes, the drama.

Anyway, this Korean drama basically caught my attention after watching an interview of Kang Sora. She said because of this project, she had to really take up an intern job in a certain company in order to fully grasp the attitudes of the people. She even said that it was an enlightening experience because it allowed her to see just how similar her situation is to theirs.

So if you're into the drama, you'll most likely be interested in the filming location, right?
So the building which they refer to as ONE INTERNATIONAL is actually the SEOUL SQUARE in Junggu. It is located just across the beautiful and historic Seoul Station and is quite near top Seoul attractions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.