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[Legendary Witch] Baking Equipment Store in Seoul

Cake Land
8 Dongho-ro 37-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
(서울 중구 동호로37길 8)

In Episode 13 of Legendary Witch, Moon Soo In (Han Jihye) decided to look for a job but was constantly turned down for various reasons. When she fetched Byeol from school, they saw a waffle truck from which our protagonist got an idea for a business. She brought this up during a 'family' meeting with the others and they found it interesting.

As they planned everything, she decided to go shopping for baking equipment with Nam Wooseok (Ha Seokjin). As the brand new facilities are so expensive, she asked where she could buy second-hand items. The store owner then told her about the Bangsan Market in Jung-gu which is basically known for the wide variety of good second-hand and cheap items.

As they went to Bangsan Market, they headed to Cake Land where they bought their materials.

I personally think this is a nice place especially since many Koreans love homemade bread. Expats or maybe even tourists may even enjoy doing their baking stuff with the materials they can buy from here. To be honest, this is one activity I wish to do when I finally get to travel to Seoul.

In terms of this drama, I think it's really nice to use this market as a Korean drama filming location. You see, I support vendors like this. That's why I don't often go to shopping malls. Hehe.


1. Find your way to Jongno 5-ga Station (종로5가역) in the Blue line. Get off via Exit 7.

2. Head straight as stated in the picture above. You're gonna cross the street twice as you're gonna pass by the famous Cheonggye Stream. Walk until you get to a seemingly subway exit which is actually the entrance to an underground shopping store.

3. Enter that narrow street behind the entrance. Just go straight ahead and you'll gonna see Cake Land on your left.

For an easier understanding, here's the map. Just click it to enlarge :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.

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