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[Fated to Love You] Choi Jinhyuk & Jang Nara in Gongseri Cathedral

second photo from here
Gongseri Cathedral
10 Gongseri Seongdang-gil, Inju-myeon, Ansan-si, Chungnam-do
(충남 아산시 인주면 공세리성당길 10)

So I've been doing a Korean drama marathon and chose to watch Fated to Love You the whole day and I swear I'm glad I took time to actually watch everything in one go. Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara are so adorable together and I'm really enjoying Choi Jinhyuk, my favorite eye candy, on my screen. ^^

Okay. So in the drama, Daniel Pitt (Choi Jinhyuk) is an orphan. I skipped the first episode shamelessly so my first scene of my eye candy is when he was talking to a nun. The scene was filmed at the Gongseri Cathedral in Chungnam.

The Gongseri Cathedral is a beautiful and charming cathedral in the province which is often a filming location for Korean dramas and movies. It is also a preferred wedding location of many Koreans because it provides a solemn and intimate atmosphere which is very much needed and favored during church weddings.

For more pictures of the cathedral, you can visit this blog.

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