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[Pinocchio] The Province where In Ha and Dal Po Grew Up In

Cheongsan Island
Buheung-ri, Cheongsan-myeon, Wando-gun, Jeollanam-do
(전남 완도군 청산면 부흥리)

Okayyyy. So this is like a basic filming location of Pinocchio. During the first episodes of the Korean drama, Dal Po (Lee Jongsuk) and In Ha (Park Shinhye) were students who had to ride the ferry everyday to get to their school.

Apparently, that's really the only means of transportation.

Cheongsan Island is located off the southern coast of South Jeolla province. So it's between the mainland Korea and Jeju Island, and is reachable only by ferries. It's a beautiful place filled with fields of flowers and stone walls, overlooking the ocean. Although hanok houses are still common in the area, there are hostels and commercial establishments in the area already to accommodate the growing needs of tourists.

Pinocchio sure did a great job in choosing this as a filming location. I guess it did give justification to Dal Po's character as a country bumpkin. :p

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lsylionel said...
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lsylionel said...

Where is the location of the apartment In-ha and family stayed in? It seems like it has a great view of the river and downtown Seoul.