[On Style] JungSis at Namsan Cable Car

Namsan Cable Car
83 Sopa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
(서울 중구 소파로 83)

When Jessica went back to Seoul from her tour after three weeks, she wanted to play with her sister and drove them to the Namsan Cable Car that Friday Night on Episode 7.
I think it's very sweet for them to go on an evening date like this especially after not seeing each other for a long time. ^__^

The Namsan Cable Car is an important tourist destination in Seoul because it is the easiest way to the famous Namsan Tower. Although it is quite expensive than walking, it is less tiring and much more exciting.

If you think it's familiar to you, well I think it should be.
A lot of Korean dramas had used this as a shooting location for important scenes.
Like Boys Over Flowers. This is where Junpyo and Jandi got stuck at. Yep, that moment when Junpyo decided to vandalize the cable car, it's this.

Also, this was what EXO used to go to Namsan Tower.
I don't think I'll easily forget that because Luhan was really so scared. :'(

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