[It's Okay, That's Love/괜찮아 사랑이야] The Park Where Kangwoo (D.O.) and Jaeyul (Insung) Met

second photo from somgmi523 @ Naver
Eungbong Mountain Park
13-1 Dogseodang-ro 60-gil, Seodong-gu, Seoul
서울 성동구 독서당로60길 13-1

I love the place and it has always been my dream to post something about some random parks in Seoul in this blog, so here's a reality. This is the Eungbong Mountain Park in Seoul, a beautiful and romantic place overlooking the lovely Han River - which is exceptionally alluring at night.

If you wish to see more pictures, click this link.

Okay. So enough of the place. Let me please, please, please talk about Do Kyungsoo's acting.
I don't know what I should say to convince you guys that my words will not be biased and I will base it on what I know as a person who has background in dramas and films like this; so I just won't tell you to believe me. I just want you guys to think about what I'm going to say.

Do Kyungsoo is something when it comes to acting. At first, you won't be convinced, thinking that he's just a noob, a trying hard - because he has this weird facial expression to signify pain and suffering, and sometimes you just can't help but laugh. But eventually, the acting will grow on you, especially if you're a fan of EXO who had known how he is from how you observed him on variety shows and how is described everytime by his members.

In the end, you're going to realize how natural his acting abilities are; and you're also going to realize how every scene he appears on with Cho Insung moves you to either complete laughter or tears. Two extremes. No in-between.

Whenever there's a new Korean drama, I don't particularly go for the plot. Although the story plays a huge factor in holding my interest, my main magnet is the way the actors play they role. I am quite the critic when it comes to acting. Although I sound like a trying hard bitch right now, I have to voice out that for me to appreciate an actor, I need to feel what they're feeling. Because at the end of the day, that's their goal. That's the essence of their jobs.

And Kyungsoo gets to do that.

Now, I'll speak as a fan. Right now, I have just watched the 5th episode and my heart swells with pride. I'm kinda late, I know; but I watched it while reading tweets about how Kyungsoo's acting was. Several respected names in the industry had expressed their interest and appreciation of his acting. And I can't help but tear up at how far this baby had gone to within just two years of being in the limelight.

He has a Korean movie coming up, CART, and I am just happy because as everyone knows, it got into the Toronto International Film Festival, a prestigious event that recognizes real sensible movies from across the globe.
Good luck, Kyungsoo! :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.