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[It's Okay, That's Love] Coffeesmith Coffee Shop

Coffeesmith Hongdae
82 Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
(서울 마포구 와우산로 82)

Okay, so here's a cute misleading. HAHA
If I understood the plot correctly, the production's trying to convince us viewers that the cafe where Kwangsoo works is at the same building as the balcony house the lead characters are living in.
However, it's not.
I'm yet to find the house and I'm just so lucky that I found this coffee shop!

It's Coffeesmith in Hongdae.
Please don't be confused though.
There are two entrances to the cafe. One is along the main highway and one is at the back (Wausan-ro 18-gil). The Korean drama used the back entrance during the three episodes. Let's see if they're gonna use the other one. :p

How to get there? Drop me a comment and I'll see what I can do! :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.


Cassandra said...

Hi. May I know the exact road/location of the shop? Or maybe the shops nearby? Thank you :)

Manager Hyung said...

Hi Cassandra!

The exact road is Wausan-ro in the Hongdae area.It's near Hongdae Playground Park.

Bank Bunomania said...


I just want to know where the Ji Haesoo's house?

Thank you

Manager Hyung said...

Hi Bank Bunomania!

I am still looking for it. :)

s h e said...

OMG. Im going to Seoul in late Sept. Definitely going here. Thank you sooo much for this!

K-popcorn said...

Do you know what song is played in the background when JY is walking into coffesmith in ep 3????

Manager Hyung said...

Hi guys!

Here's the HOUSE!

bella said...

Hi, can you give me the directions to this place? I'll come to Seoul next week, and I have planned to come visit Coffeesmith Hongdae, will be

Manager Hyung said...

Hi Bella!

Get to Sangsu Station (BRown line).

If you exit through Exit 1, it's the street behind you. If you exit through Exit 2, it's the street in front of you. Either way, you'll have to go towards the direction to Honggik University.

Now walk straight and pass by a few blocks.

You're going to pass by the famous Hongdae Club Street so it's really going to be quite a walk.

The Coffeesmith branch is located just before the third bus station.
It's directly in front of UNIQLO, a stoplight and a pedestrian crossing.

If you wish to go through the entrance the Korean drama used, there's a small street to your right after the cafe and another store so just go there. You'll easily spot the painted walls. :)

Okay, so I don't want to assure you 100% accuracy with this. But I think it's pretty much okay. Your decision if you'll take the risk okay? :)

Wonka Willy said...

This song drives me crazy. Can't find it though :((

Anonymous said...

hiii! the house makes me insane and im so curious to know whether that coffee shop is beside the house were the cast..i mean the character lived...u mean the coffee shop where kwangsoo works is not near where he lives? pleeaase let me know.