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[Roommate/룸메이트] The SBS Public Hall where Inkigayo Shows Happen

SBS Public Hall
58-1 Deungchon-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul
(강서구 등촌동 58-1)

On Episode 7 of Roommate, Sungwoo and Seho visited Chanyeol on the set of Inkigayo to express their support over EXO K's comeback. So basically, this was when nothing is still fucking up for my boys. LOL. Setting my own personal frustrations aside, it was indeed a fun experience and I can tell that Yeol was totally touched by the presence of his two lovely hyungs. It was evident in his smiles how excited he was to be given that kind of attention. And he deserves it ^^

If you remember, this is also the same place for that episode when Nana visited Bom in 2NE1's dressing room.

Frankly speaking, it is very necessary to know about this place if you wish to watch your idols on music shows. Especially now that some of the biggest names in the industry are coming back, I think this will come off as a vital information for all of us, fans.

Basically, the SBS Public Hall is located in Deungchon-dong in Seoul. It is very easy to reach because it is easily connected to Gangnam via Seoul Subway Line 9. Get off Gayang Station (가양역) Exit 10. Then, head straight towards the direction you're facing as you get out of the stairs and walk until you get to the hall. Quite easy right?

Now those wondering how the ticketing process is. As far as I know, you don't really need to pay anything to get into these shows. All you have to do is to be there early. As friends who had gone through the process told me, it's a first come-first serve basis. If you get there early, you'll have to find your fandom and stay with them if you're chosen. I think you'll have to sign up on a list to receive a number. Remember, not everyone can enter! And bear in mind that you cannot actually watch the whole show. If you're a member of a fandom, you can just watch your KPOP idol and then you'll be told to go out afterwards.

Okay, that's a basic KPOP tip XD

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.


Olivia Chu said...

How to be a member of a fandom? For example i'm an IGOT7, how to be a member of it?

Manager Hyung said...

@olivia idk.

Anonymous said...

Hi I love your website^^
I have an question.
Do you know the adress from JBTC Buliding? I'm a big fan from abnormal summit and I want to go there...
Thank you^^