[Roommate/룸메이트] Nana at Gayeon Doing their Groceries for PATBINGSU

Home Plus
46-73 Hawolguk-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul
(성북구 하월곡동 46-73)

I'm sorry. I'm not that sure about this but the location makes sense.
I've been trying to find a large Home Plus (YES IT'S HOME PLUS NOT ROOM PLUS) branch around Seongbuk-gu mainly because Soohyun said it's just around 10 minutes away from their house; and this is the closest thing I can find. HAHA. The buildings are quite the same though, and the road around the area was just as complicated as Nana experienced it to be. LOL.

I've always wanted to ID a supermarket, ever since Minhyuk decided to do some grocery shopping with Jungshin in the past. But I failed because there's just no clue, so I'm just elated to have found this one. I love grocery shopping after all and I'm pretty positive that that's going to be the first thing I do when I finally get to Seoul!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.