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Romantic J's Juniel and Lee Jonghyun Back Hugging at an Abandoned Amusement Park

Yongma Land
118 Mangu-ro 70-gil, Jungrang-gu, Seoul 
(서울 중랑구 망우로70길 118)

This is a new and exciting discovery for me!
For quite a few times already, I've wondered where this carousel is.
I've seen it in several drama but it doesn't look like anywhere in Gyeonggi or Incheon.
When I saw Romantic J's Love Falls MV after a few months again, I realized that I really need to find it.
And I did. Surprisingly!

It's Yongma Land, an amusement park located in a district in Seoul, a little more or less 12 kilometers away from Gangnam-gu. The surprising thing is that it's abandoned already, like those you see in creepy websites and all.
But the surprising thing is that people still come here to take pictures or you know, sight see.

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As I contemplate on this fact, I was more amazed with South Korea's norm, on how they can transform an old and abandoned place into something still worthy of appreciation. I love how they still portray it as a beautiful place even when other people will think it's not.

And the production people, seriously. I mean, I have to give credits to their production staff members, designers, location managers and cameramen for making the location seem like it's still operating in Korean dramas and music videos like the one of Juniel and Jonghyun and that one particular scene in Angel Eyes.

As I go blog hopping, I learned that Yongma Land actually has a waterpark before. You can see it on the pictures in this blog. Also, you can visit this and this.

To be very honest, I need to go to this place when I go on a tour to Korea. It's fairly easy to locate since bus and subway stations are nearby. If you wish to find help with the directions, I think I can give you assistance. Just drop me a comment!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.


Me said...

Oh! I think this is the amusement park that was also featured in BAP's 1004. Thank you so much for featuring this! :)

Anonymous said...

This place is beautiful...korea is really good in keeping deserted place...scary because its emptyness but still beautiful..thanks for sharing :)

Fairytale said...

Hai hyung! Im going to korea next month and want to visit this place..please help me with the directions..thanks!