[Doctor Stranger/닥터 이방인] Where Most "North Korea" Scenes Were Filmed

Jungwon University
85 Munmu-ro, Gwisan-eup, Gwisan-gun, Chungbuk-do
(충북 괴산군 괴산읍 문무로 85)

During the first scenes of the Korean drama Doctor Stranger, they had to film it like they're actually filming in North Korea. And I think the location managers of the production did a great job in choosing Jungwon University! I've never been to North Korea but to be very honest, the university does look similar to those I've seen in the hermit country. ^^

Personally, I'm astounded at how beautiful this university in Chungbuk is.
I must admit I know nothing about the province, therefore I don't know this school.
But as I did my research, I was convinced that this got to be one of the grandest institutions in South Korea.
Set in a large expanse of land, it even features ponds with dinosaur statues.
Heck, it even has an 18-hole golf course!!!!!

I'm not entirely sure as to what course they actually specialize in but they do offer courses in humanities, social sciences, engineering, science, aviation, arts, and sports sciences.
For more information, you can visit their official site here (in English).

I need to make you see too the beauty of the campus so feel free to visit these sites:
unitiger | junjuly3

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.


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ji hoon
July 16, 2014 at 6:33 PM delete

Jung won university looks as good as in the drama.