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[A Celebrity Lives in Our House 2/우리집 연예인이 산다2] Kangin's Adventure in A Celebrity Lives in Our House 2

You know what? I thought I have forgotten how to spazz over my original oppas. hehe.
That is why I would like to thank Clarisse for linking me this episode on A Celebrity Lives in Our House 2 which features none other than my Kangbear, Kangin of Super Junior ♥

So here's the plot line for this Korean variety show: Kangin will have to stay in an ordinary family's house for 3 days and 2 nights.
During the first part, he was brought to Hongdae to find the actual house he's going to stay in.
Now let's go track his journey:

The drop off point is in the charming street of Domak-ro 3-gil (독막로3길). It's in front of a restaurant called Mapo Jip. I'll be posting a map later for clearer directions. *winks*

Then, Kangin had to walk three blocks away from the drop off point to get here. LOL
Actually, I think he was told to do so by the production team so they can create this storyline that he was indeed searching for the house. Haha. So yeah, they brought him to a street called Eoulmadang-ro 5-gil (어울마당로5길). It's in the street in front of the DA Trading Building (the gray building you see behind Kangin in the picture below). It's a beautiful structure with a dash of red on its doors so it's kinda impossible to miss.

Now, believe it or not, it's not necessary that you walk far and come to this area because the truth is the house Kangin had to find is located in the street just across the drop off point. LOL. But in case you still want to visit the area, you can just turn right to Yanghwa-ro 6-gil (양화로6길) and that's the street before you get to the Cafe The Bridge.

Just head straight and then turn right to the street between Zion Boat (the one with the green and yellow green building in the picture below) and Chuchu (a churros store) to get in this place:

Walk a little further and when you see the Red Rose Bean store, there's a narrow street after that and that is where ZZZIP Guesthouse is!!!!

So yes, the Zzip Guesthouse is actually a guest house that's why there were foreigners there.
It's a cute one which I think everyone would love. It's cozy and lovely in there. :)
Although I don't have any idea as to when I can actually go to Seoul, I think this episode of the Korean variety show had made it clear that I am staying in this place in Hongdae and no one can stop me. :p

The room rates are quite normal, if you ask me. As compared to Seoul hotels, I think I'd rather choose these rates:

Single Room (1 room) : 45,000won / Room

Single Room with kitchen (1 rooms) : 50,000won / Room

Twin Room (3 rooms) : 70,000won / Room
                                           (in case 1 person : 60,000won)

Double Room (4 rooms) :70,000won / Room
                                           (in case 1 person : 60,000won)

4Beds Room (2 rooms) : 108,000won / Room
                                            (in case 3 person : 90,000won/Room) 

4Beds Private Room Ensuite (1 room) : 120,000won / Room
                                             (in case 3 person : 99,000won / Room)

6Beds Female Dorm Ensuite (1 room) : 24,000won / Person

6Beds Mixed Dorm (2 rooms) : 22,000won / Person 

If you want to see pictures of the guest house, you know you'll have to click HERE now. :)

As I promised though, here's a clearer map for everyone! Just click it for a bigger size!

What do you think? :) 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.

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