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[We Got Married/우리 결혼했어요] Key with Comme Des, Garcon, and Chino at Ilsan Lake Park to Meet Arisa

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Ilsan Lake Park (일산 호수 공원)
906 Janghang-dong, Ilsan-donggu, Goyang-si
(고양시 일산동구 장항동 906)

A beautiful place, it is at the Ilsan Lake Park where Arisa and Key met for Episode 3.
Since Arisa aren't into dogs, her husband made sure she'll overcome this fear by bringing the dogs: Comme des, Garcon, and Chino.

This park is one of the my most favorite.
It is in Gyeonggi and is beautifully maintained, making it a favorite place for elders to exercise in, and for the young ones to have a date at. :)

For more pictures, you can visit this blog.

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