[Showtime-Burning the Beast/쇼타임-버닝 더 비스트] The Bonamana Sauna

beast showtime

Hotel Prima
Chungdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Remember, the mission was to go to places holding so much memories for the group.
Junhyung went here.
At first, I was baffled and laughing so hard because why would he go to a hotel near their dormitory?
But yeah, that was a joke. And I like Junhyung so rest your bashes. ^_^

It turns out that inside this hotel is what they call the Bonamana Sauna.
It is where they usually sleep when practices take long and they couldn't go back to their dormitory.
Quite a good choice, haha!

I swear I'm loving this episode ^_^

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