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[Showtime-Burning the Beast/쇼타임-버닝 더 비스트] B2ST's Old Dormitory

beast showtime

The Boys' Old Dormitory
Dosandaero 98-gil, Chungdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

This took me a long while to find, I swear.
I couldn't use the only clue in search engines so I had to manually find this location.
Now I'm dizzy! haha

Anyway, here's the old dormitory of B2ST.
I'm not really a big fan of the group but I really respect idols since they had to go through hard times during their training period.
The boys had their own versions of hardships, of course.
Living with the managers in a small apartment was really not that easy, I suppose; especially when you're all boys.

Anyway, their sacrifices paid off! ^_^

Honestly, I encourage fans to you know, drop by the place if you can.
Just don't disturb the people living there now, okay?
It's still a private place.
If I were a fan, I would just visit this for the memories.
That's what I'll do for SJ and EXO's old dormitories, tbh :p

If you are going to Korea and you wish to visit the place, just drop me a comment and I'll help you with the directions!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.


mysukem said...

Please tell me how to get there :">
Thank you in advance ^^

Manager Hyung said...


1. From Cube Cafe, head to the main road. You'll pass by the main CUBE Building and you'll see a branch of Baskin Robins.
2. Cross the street and head towards the road in front of you. It's 도산대로 92길.
3. When you see the EUROCOUNTY sign, walk to its left. You'll see the road where Doojoon turned to to get to the dormitory. (Landmarks: LUEL) That's basically another turn left.
4. The dorm is located on the first street to your right.


mysukem said...

Thank you so much for useful information :)