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[We Got Married/우리 결혼했어요] Outdoor Shooting Locations for Key and Arisa

wgm key arisa

Nonhyeon-ro 139-gil

This area is close to the main highway.
It is the road beside Sweet Castle, which I think is a condominium building in the area.
I think this is also where the intimate shots were taken.

wgm key arisa

Just a few steps away from Sweet Castle is this area, the place where Key took his solo shots.
This is just in front of Kenneth Cobonpue & Hive store.
Just too sad that the wall they used was covered with trash in this picture.
But yeah, I won't think twice of getting that teddy bear between the posts.

Guys, I'm seriously enjoying Key and Arisa's WGM episodes,
and I think it's going to be cute to follow their trail when you fly to Seoul soon!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.

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