[We Got Married/우리 결혼했어요] Although It Wasn't with Eunji, At Least Key Gets to Join WGM Global with Arisa Yagi

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second photo from krmonfoo@Naver

Audrey Hepburn Cafe
23-3 Sangdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon
(인천 연수구 송도동 23-3)

Whether it's the staffs or it's Key himself who chose this place, it really suited his style!
I honestly find the Audrey Hepburn Cafe chic and sophisticated.
It's awesome to honor a legacy through something like this, right?

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So yeah, since I'm ID-ing Heechul and Puff's We Got Married episodes, then I might as well do Key and Arisa's!
I don't really know the girl, but I love Kibum.
I loved him ever since and I totally enjoyed his cameos during Taemin and Naeun's time in the show.
I love him with Eunji and it's quite sad that they weren't paired. :(

I'm yet to discover how Arisa is, but I'm looking forward to how this will go. :)

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