[You Who Came from the Stars] How to (PROBABLY) Get to the Island where Do Minjoon Teleported Cheon Songyi To

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A lot of you must have waited for this, right?
But before I proceed, let me emphasize again that I DO NOT ASSURE 100% FOR THIS.
I don't want to give you guys full hope that this is correct because chances are, it's not.

But researches, guys, researches.

What we have to know first is that Jangsa-do is not your typical place you can reach via KTX.
It's an island off the coast of Busan.
Yeah, and Busan is like in the southern part of Korea.
You even need to take a plane to this province if you want to speed up your travel.
You can ride the KTX or you'll ride the bus.
But ultimately, we'll all have to ride a ferry to get to the island.
And that's what complicates everything for me. HAHA

If you're up for the risk, here goes:

First, Find your way to Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal
If you ride the Orange Line of the Seoul Subway System, you'll find the 남부터미날 (예슬의전당) Station (NAMBU TERMINAL - YESEURUI JEONDANG). Get off EXIT 5 and you'll see the station.
If I'm not mistaken, you can buy your bus tickets online through this site.

Chances are you'll end up at the Tongyeong Terminal (통영종합버스터미널).
But from whichever, find your way to the Tongyeong Ferry Terminal (통영항여객선터미널) by riding a bus or a taxi. With this rushed post, I really suggest that you take a taxi because when you ride the bus, you'll have to walk a few hundred meters to get to the port from the stop. 

Now, this is where it gets riskier. LOL
After finding your way to the port, you will naturally have to board the ferry.

From my researches, you can avail a ticket to the island through JangsadoTicket.com
The site is in Korean so please do find someone who can understand it fully to book it for you.

For a brief knowledge though, look at this:

If I understood it correctly, Jangsadoticket.com offers ferry tickets that will take you to a full course around the islands of Tongyeong. And one of the stops will be the Camellia where the Korean drama was filmed.
There is an entrance fee of 8,500WON per person but I think discounts apply to senior citizen and students as well? I'm not so certain about this, okay?

I think once you land on Camellia, you'll have 2 hours to explore the whole island.
It's not that big so I think the time would be sufficient enough to take pictures.
According to one commentary I watched in Arirang TV, you'll be riding the same ferry boat you rode on to get back to the terminal.
I guess that's what the red dots on the image above are all about.
And then, you'll have to buy another ticket to Nambu Terminal in Seoul and travel for another four hours from Tongyeong Terminal. :p 

I really don't know if I have explained myself well here.
But I suggest that you do consult professional travelers who had gone to Tongyeong first before you follow this.
I don't want to put anyone of you in a difficult situation should this all be wrong. :/


IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.