[Emergency Couple/응급남녀] Choi Jinhyuk at Gomtang Jib

korean drama emergency couple

Gomtang Jib
1 Dongsomun-ro17-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul
(서울 성북구 동소문로17길 1)

Trying to woo Jinhee again, Changmin decided to force her to stay at his home to rest.
In one scene, he was seen buying Oxtail Soup for them to eat for dinner.
It was a sweet move from the ex-husband considering that he wasn't supposed to like that.

But anyway yeah, this is where Jinhyuk filmed.
I honestly thought it was in the Itaewon area because of the design but yeah, it's in Seongbuk-gu.
Indeed, Seoul's very unpredictable. :p

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