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[You Who Came from the Stars] Jeon Jihyun at Dongdaemun Design Plaza

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second photo from pingkogirl@naver

Dongdaemun Design Plaza
281 Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
(서울 중구 을지로 281)

Remember that scene when Cheon Songyi had to do a stunt and she ended up in an accident?
This is where it was filmed!

The Dongdaemun Design Plaza is obviously one of the most splendid buildings ever designed in Seoul.
I think if ever I'll go to Seoul, I will not let pass the opportunity to visit the place because it practically screams modernity and opulence, like how 5 star hotels in Seoul do!

I mandate you guys to visit these blogs to see what I mean:
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The Dongdaemun Design Plaza is located in the Dongdaemun area, just a few steps away from the shopping town. It is particularly close to Lotte Fitin where EXO Showtime filmed earlier this year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.


Anonymous said...

Hii.. thanks so much for sharing this.
I love your blog. It's really useful as i'm planning to go to korea next month and want to visit Korean drama filming site & idol related place.

Anyway, do you know filming location of drama You Who Came from the Stars from ep 10, the scene where comic store owner coincidentally met Do Minjoon on the metasequoia road? is it in Nami Island?

Manager Hyung said...

Hi! Thank you for the support and for finding this blog helpful!

As for the location, I don't really think it's in Nami Island. I haven't tried looking for it though. It's going to be difficult finding it but let's see if I can. :)

D'Nita Lou Holganza said...

Hi :) i love your blog. <3
I just wanna ask if you know where they shoot the Joseon Period parts of the drama? Is it in korean folk village? :)

Manager Hyung said...

I am not sure but I think it's not in the KOrean Folk Village. But let me see. I can't be certain :) I might look for it when I get time :)

Anonymous said...

hi, do you know the location of the frozen lake in episode 11 when do min-joo stop the time and kiss song-yi?
thank you^^