[Prime Minister & I] Yoona and Lee Bumsoo at Yakhyeon Cathedral

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second photo from rudals120@Naver

Yakhyeon Cathedral
27 Jungnyim-no, Jung-gu, Seoul
(서울 중구 중림로 27)

Most of the Korean dramas with wedding scenes I watched were filmed in Yakhyeon Cathedral.
For so long, I thought it was part of the Myeongdong Cathedral, but I think it's just near the place.

So yeah, this is where the wedding happened.
It's a small and intimate church on top of a hill, I guess, and it's beautiful.
Normally, many Koreans prefer to hold their weddings in hotels and wedding halls,
but I think Catholics prefer to do it the right way and that is inside a church.
This is a common option.

There's this one blog I found (but failed to get the link) where a foreign bride was married to a Korean groom.
I've always fancied interracial marriages! I think it's sweet!

For more pictures of the beautiful Yakhyeon Cathedral, you can visit this blog.

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