credited as tagged We all know that Chanyeol's parents had set up Viva Polo , an Italian restaurant, right? That's basically ...

How to Get to Viva Polo (EXO Chanyeol's Family Restaurant)

credited as tagged

We all know that Chanyeol's parents had set up Viva Polo, an Italian restaurant, right?
That's basically where most of the recent childhood photos of Chanyeol and his noona, Yura, came from.
It's a rather cute place, if you ask me.


Find your way to Myeongil Station (Line 5, Purple Line) and get off it through Exit 1.
Walk a little by following this funny guide:

The thing with the Seoul subway system is that sometimes, you'll need to transfer lines to get to your destination.
I'm not entirely familiar with the lines but should you have any questions, you can drop a comment below.

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Viva Polo
Pizza & Pasta

1631 Yangjaedae-ro, Myeongil-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
(서울 강동구 양재대로 1631)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.


Sbrn. said...

lol i try to search in google maps and i cant found the restaurant lol i saw other same restaurant in the picture but theres no viva polo help me im gonna found it before i fly to korea jebal

Manager Hyung said...

Sometimes, maps can be deceiving because it's not regularly updated. I think the reason why you can't see is because Google Maps shows the street view before Viva Polo was established. Though I can't be sure about this opinion.

Anyway, the post contains the direction to Viva Polo. It's easy because it's just a few steps away a subway station. :)

Michelle Olesen said...

Oh I wanna try and eat there :D
Thank you so much for sharing the location~
It's lucky only 30 min and one transfer away from where I live :)

Anonymous said...

I found Viva Polo on street view and Manager Hyung is right, Viva Polo wasn't established yet.,127.144526&spn=0.00125,0.000783&sll=51.09623,4.227975&sspn=1.014235,0.802002&t=h&z=19&layer=c&cbll=37.551177,127.143898&panoid=tg4zrFzW-b-Sh60Y44BjeQ&cbp=12,312.19,,1,16.42

Lovebunny90 said...

You won't have much luck in general if you try to find places in korea using google maps. Try naver or some other korean search engine because in korea they don't use google. That's why if you were to go to korea and try to use google maps things will show up wonky or not appear at all. My orgo teacher taught physics in Korea last summer and she said she had to learn to read hangul just because google maps wouldn't work and the maps from naver were all in korean XD Just a warning ^^;;;

Anonymous said...

Hi! I wanted to know if we need to reserve before? Thank you!~

Manager Hyung said...

Hi Anon!

I am not very sure since I haven't been there. But I think there's no need for reservations. Judging from what I have read about it, it's an open restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Hi! i would like to ask how do I get there from Incheon airport and how long would it take? Thank you. :)

Manager Hyung said...

Hi Anon! First, I don't assure 100% accuracy. But let me try on this:

From the airport, there's a subway line. You get there and get off the 공덕역 (Gongdeok Station). Transfer to the Purple line to get to Myeongil Station which is towards north, if i'm not mistaken.

So yeah. From there, you can get to Viva Polo.

I don't know how long it would take but since friends told me that the restaurant wasn't really in a location near the top tourist spots in Seoul, it might take around an hour from Incheon Airport to Myeongil.

Seomin said...

Manager hyung do you know how to get there from Myeongdeong? Thanks!

kang cheepy said...

Thx for sharing

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