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[REVIEW] Master's Sun/주군의 태양

Here goes reality: I NEVER REALLY WANTED TO WATCH THE MASTER'S SUN. Simply because I am easily scared of ghosts; but I guess the interest on watching So Jisup again on a drama is more intense than my fear so I gave in.

And it was obviously a great decision.

This year, we had been blessed with really good dramas and The Master's Sun is really one of them. Like my impression with I Hear Your Voice, this drama made me feel like the fantasy incorporated in the plot is something normal. Although it is normal (as I know some people who can actually see ghosts), I have come to realize that the acting prowess of the casts were really great!

So Jisup is one thing. Seo Inguk is another. Kim Yoori stood out too! Even Mr. Kim, I will definitely applaud. But I need to emphasize on Gong Hyojin's character.

I cannot remember where exactly I read that but I think it's from an interview where So Jisup said that acting with Hyojin turns him into a better actor. He said that the actress can easily transform herself to different characters; and Master's Sun proved that.

At first, Tae Gong Shil's character was really annoying, but as serious business came around, I was stunned with how convincing she is. I loved how she delivered her lines, with her voice soft. I loved how she smiled and cry, exposing the real emotions inside her. She's great!

Going on to the plot now, The Master's Sun is really something unique. I've never encountered a plot like this before, even in mangas so I was easily hooked. It's awesome how the writer actually paid attention to the conclusion of each story brought out - even the ghost's. I honestly didn't expect that they would even include the story of the ghost beside the trash can. 

If only they included a passionate kissing scene between Kang Woo and Yi Ryeong.... tsk...

You guys should all watch it. Dog lovers should anticipate the Pilseung episode as it will definitely make you bawl your eyes out. ♥ 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.

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Lynn Swift said...

I hope to see more dramas like this, the chemistry was great between the two leads.