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[Repost] Because "I Hear Your Voice" Deserves All Sorts of Praises

I am the type of person whose span of attention can rival that of a 5-year-old kid. I don’t have the patience to stick to something in particular when it becomes boring to my taste. That attitude applies especially when I’m watching Korean dramas. There are lots of shows I didn’t finish simply because I find it predictable or eventually disinteresting. Plus, I am quite lazy in waiting for the episodes to be subbed.

With those said, it’s now plain easy to understand why I consider I Hear Your Voice as one of the best dramas there is.

First and foremost, it was never in my plans to watch the drama, if not for Manager Hyung. I didn’t watch My Daughter Seyoung even though Jungshin was there simply because it seemed boring to me (so I had no idea how Lee Boyoung is as an actress). That was the same thing I initially felt towards this drama, but boy, was I so grateful that I didn’t give in.

So the story began 11 years ago when Park Sooha’s father was killed by Min Joon Gook. Jang Hyeseong – who was having her own taste of injustice then – happened to witness the scene as she was fighting with Seo Doyeon. After having her self-worth challenged by her archenemy, Hyeseong found herself standing as a witness against Min Joonguk, who vowed to take revenge once he had served his sentence in prison.

And then the story escalates. And in summary, I got hooked.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This post may not be 100% accurate.

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