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[We Got Married] Lee Taemin & Son Naeun at Jade Garden

second photo from hanwablog

Jade Garden
San 111 Seocheon-ro, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do

Another impressive garden and another reason to travel to South Korea!
I swear, I so love this place. The garden kinda reminds me of the botanical garden in Oedo Island.

At first, I thought it's gonna be difficult to find
but when I saw the house, I knew it was Song Hyegyo's house in That Winter The Wind Blows!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much, been looking for this location! I really appreciate the work you're doing!!! Neomu neomu gomawoyo! ^^

Manager Hyung said...

No problem! I'm glad to be of help! Thanks for the appreciation!!! ♥♥♥