[Monstar] Yong Junhyung/Ha Yeonsoo & Kang Haneul/Dahee at Eoulmadang-Ro at Mapo-gu

korean drama

Eoulmadang-Ro, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Okay, so remember the 'dates' of Seolchan/Seyi & Seonwoo/Nana?
It's around this Mapo area and while I have little knowledge about this place, Naver told me that it's just near Honggik University.

I did a small map to help you get there:

As you turn left when you see Starbucks, you're basically at Eoulmadang-ro already.
You just have to walk until you reach the restaurant behind Seonwoo/Nana in the picture above.
It's just a straight path so I doubt you'll get lost.
It's also where the Thai singer is doing his stint.

Let's fly to Seoul now? 

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