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[WGM] Lee Hongki and Fuji Mina at Edelweiss Switzerland Theme Village (S+DORF)

wgm hongki
second photo from worldkims@naver
(S+DORF) Edelweiss Switzerland Theme Village
304 Icheon-ri, Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

Guys, you have no idea how fulfilled I am that FINALLY I FOUND THIS!
It's where the honeymoon house of Hongki and Mina is!
Edelweiss is a very beautiful village in Gyeonggi (where all the beautiful places are!) and I really want to go here someday.
This is also where the honeymoon house of Taecyeon/Guigui is. :)

For more pictures of the village, visit these links:


Amy May said...

not much info on how to get there~sad~...really wanna go & see their house^^

Manager Hyung said...

I really want to help you with the directions. But I tried my best before and I really can't figure out how. :( I'm sorry :(

Cannot be displayed :D said...

In episode 15 of the now hit drama You who came from the stars, the kiss scene was filmed here too!!

Manager Hyung said...


Actually no, the film was shot in Petite France, but it's also in Gyeonggi :)
You can check it out here: