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BTOB's Second Confession Filming Locations

Have you guys seen BTOB's newest music video, Second Confession? If you haven't yet, watch the video below:

Aside from the fact that I got addicted with its feel-good tune and the cuteness exhibited by the members, I was totally fascinated with the shooting locations!

So, of course, I'm sharing it with you!

Based on my research, all outdoor scenes were shot in the quiet Munbal Street (문발로) in Gyeonggi Province. It's really a good choice since it sets them away from the crowd.

btob second confession

The scene of Ilhoon biking and Minhyuk jogging was shot from a low bridge along the street. It is just a few minutes away from....

btob second confession


As far as I understood, the building which looked like a mat to me is the Samho Music Building.
It is located in the corner of Dasangyo Junction, Munbal Street, Munbal-dong, Paju City, Gyeonggi.

btob second confession

Just another few meters away is the place where Eunkwang and Changsub shot their scene together.
It's actually the Ichae Shopping Mall and is just along Munbal Street.

I've been trying to find which building did Hyunsik, Sungjae and Peniel hid (hehe) but I am pretty much guessing that it's in the same area. I have the feeling that their scenes were shot inside Samho Music Building.

btob second confession

So if we are going to put it simply, I've made a pathetic map to show you how close each shooting locations identified are:

I hope I somehow did a good job identifying the shooting locations because I definitely loved the music video!

And I loved the place as well! The whole Munbal Street appeals like a huge architectural exhibit to me because the buildings around boasts of spectacular designs!!!

What do you think?

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