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[WGM] Khuntoria House at Seodaemun-gu

wgm khuntoria

Khuntoria House
56-56 Jeunggaro2-gil, Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

I don't say that this is 100% sure but I'm pretty positive that this is really the honeymoon house of Khuntoria.

Proof? Read on.

I was literally getting depressed because I really wanted to find this.
Thank God for the clues!!!!

If you wish to see more pictures, COORDINUNA linked me here:

If you believe me that this is the place, it's time to book your air tickets to Seoul now, KHUNTORIA FANS. ♥


doongdoonggirl said…
manager hyung you won't believe how happy i am for this. i want to go to korea now! hahaha i was trying to decipher the place before too using the screencap you used. i think this might be it. i will let you know if i come to korea. =) i just watched the drama mary stayed up all night and it looks light mary's house in the drama is shot beside the khuntoria house too! i'm so excited!
Manager Hyung said…
hi doongdoonggirl *does the doongdoong dance*

i'm glad you liked it :) it was quite difficult to find the exact location but thank god for the clues. i was literally going crazy since it's quite on top of everything. hahaha. xD

oh my god! you're going on a tour to korea? asdkjf;lksdjf i want to go there too. :((( please take lots of pictures, can you? :) I hope this blog will be a good guide. ♥
doongdoonggirl said…
Hi Manager Hyung, no I will not yet go to Korea anytime soon. But this post motivated me to do so! :) I went last year and I went to the places you posted here about Yongseo! Thank you! It was very helpful! <3

*dances doong doong*
Manager Hyung said…
oh so i did a good job with the yongseo post then?? i'm so happy! haha ♥ thank you so much!!!!

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