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Hi everyone!

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts lately. There are a lot of queued items to be uploaded but I can't really find time to focus on it because of my work. However, rest assured that as soon as I find enough time, I would give it some attention so you could continue discovering where the shooting locations of your favorite dramas might be.

Also, it has caught my attention that most comments I receive in this blog are saying that the places I'm posting are not accurate. With all humility and honesty, I would like to extend my appreciation for that. I have already disclaimed the accuracy of every entry I post here. However, I do try hard to do researches just so I could provide you with such entries. If you would notice, I always have a signature below every post saying my claims are not 100% accurate. You can believe on whatever and I am not forcing you. :) Anyhow, thank you very much. From the bottom of my heart, this is.

Lastly, I came across a site where they offer tours to Korea. While I am not really a fan of tour packages (as I prefer to design my own itinerary, even if there's a great possibility of getting lost and spending a lot), I think it's not bad to recommend this one.

I've checked the itinerary and I find it attractive. Most of which had become - in one way or so - a shooting location of the different Korean dramas, variety shows, music videos, etc. For example, Nami Island was where Winter Sonata was filmed. Everland has been visited by Running Man. Myeongdong is where the YongSeo couple bought their mufflers and gloves after they went for shopping (Yonghwa's apology for losing the scarf); and as we all know, Jeju Island is where most drama had gone to to film.

Aside from the aforementioned destinations, the tour also includes brief stops to different other attractions which would surely make you appreciate Seoul and Jeju Island more.

Personally, I would recommend this tour to all of you. But if I'm not mistaken, this is offered only for Singaporeans. Lucky you, guys. The company offering this package offers other tours too. Go check them all.

Thank you very much for supporting Manager Hyung! I will try to work hard in the future!!!

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