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EXO K in Busan

exo shooting locations

Minrak-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan

Okay. So this is totally a gamble. LOL. I am not sure but given that they were in Busan and I found a clue, I realized that maybe... just maybe... they were indeed in this place.

If you wish to visit it, it's in front of Su Jeong Gung (수장궁) Restaurant and Twosome Place. There's Mango Six there too.

Anyway, here's the clue I found:
exo shooting locations

The picture I used was taken on 2011 according to Daum. But the key there is the building that has a blue green whatever. LOL.

If it's not where EXO K went to, I think it's gonna be worth it to visit it still. ^^

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