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[WGM] YongSeo Couple Filming Locations [Part 2]

wgm yongseo
credits: iMBC

Part 2 of the WGM YongSeo Filming Locations set! :) I am intending to do this by episodes so please look forward. :p

Warning: This post is image-heavy. Click on Read More to continue.

1. Bus Station in front of Loro Piana

wgm yongseo
Loro Piana sketch from
Loro Piana
Sama Pharmaceutical Building, Chungdamdong, 80-18 Gangnam, Seoul

This is kinda unnecessary, I know, especially that the point here is the bus station. But as it sits in front of the store, why not include? LOL

2. Bookstore Date
wgm yongseo
Kyobo Book Center Gwanghwamun Branch photo from Wikipedia

Kyobo Book Center
Kyobo Life Building, Jongno1-ga 1, Jongno-gu, Seoul

I am not so sure but I think this is indeed the place. :p It's in front of the Admiral Yi Sun Shin Statue and the Sejong Center. There is another branch in Gangnam but I think that's a different one. 
For more information and directions, visit this link.

3. CDs and SNSD Photo Cards
wgm yongseo
Hottracks photo from Hi Seoul Official Facebook Page

Kyobo Book Center, Gwanghwamun, Seoul

As far as I know, every Kyobo Book Center in South Korea has Hottracks.

4. TGI Friday's (?)

wgm yongseo

I am not sure about this but if my instincts are right, this is from TGI Friday's and it is in Lotte World Shopping Mall. It actually makes sense because they headed to the amusement park afterwards.

5. Lotte World

wgm yongseo
Lotte World photo from Wikipedia
Lotte World
40-1 Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul 138-721

Some of the rides which the Goguma couple enjoyed are the Spinning Teacup, Ghost House and Gyro Drop.

NOTE: This blog post does not guarantee 100% accuracy. 

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