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[City Hunter] Lee Minho & Park Minyoung at Moolbit Square

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Moolbit Square photo credits to Hyun Ok Mun's Naver blog
Moolbit Square (물빛광장)
Yeongdongpo-gu, Yeouido, Seoul

For more pictures, visit Hyun Ok Mun's Naver Blog
Waters Square (물빛광장occupies what would be the T-junction if Yeouido Park wasn’t cut off by Yeouisa-ro.  The park lies just east of the Floating Stage.  Its lower end, nearer the river, is a series of water terraces – stepped pools crisscrossed with stepping stones and decorated with a few sculptures.  Viewed from the right angle one could almost look as if they were walking on water.  The upper end centers on a large shallow pool spotted with rectangular stones poking out of the water at oblique angles.  Near one edge, where the water was only ankle-deep, a toddler – his upper half bundled in an orange parka, his lower half stripped to a pair of shorts – half-ran, half-skidded back and forth through the water, kicking up a spray and working himself into a state of bliss.


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